April 28, 2014

4 Things That Make an Interview go from Good to Great


Good interviews are rare and they really stand out” said the CEO of one of the biggest Telecommunications Companies in the world.  Amazing given that over the years, they have interviewed hundreds of candidates for a variety of positions.

Here are four tips for job hunters seeking interview success:

1. Know about the Company and the People you are Meeting. Make certain to ask who you will be meeting and their roles within the company. Make sure you prepare by researching the company and each individual. Check out the Company Website, individual LinkedIn profiles and do a general Google search.  This shows you are very interested in the position.

2. Be Thoughtful. Listen carefully to the questions and pick up cues that your interviewers give taking the initiative to thoughtfully answer.   Know your own story so well that you can bring up examples of times when you have done what it takes to do a good job. Tell them how you could use your knowledge/experience to make a difference in this new environment.

3. Be Passionate. It is important to display an emotional connection to the job that you are applying for. Why do you see this as your job of choice, more than just a monthly paycheck? When you do this, you show your interviewer that you’re a fit that makes sense based on “who you are” as a person.  Show your passion for bringing great value to this new position and how you will make a difference to your new employer.

4. Dress for Success. You’ve heard this advice over and over again. Still people fail to present themselves appropriately. These days, there is no one “right way” to dress for an interview.  Show your knowledge of the company to which you’re applying by the way you present yourself.

A job interview is about showing that you can not only do the work essential to the job, but that you also intuitively fit into the company culture and have a genuine commitment to furthering its success. When you do this, you take a large step in insuring your own success as well!


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