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Research has shown that proactive job seekers who contact employers direct are more likely to find a job than job seekers who do not.

So why not try it yourself? It’s very easy to do, especially now that we all have access to the internet. Here are three easy steps that will really help you:

1. Locate the relevant companies

Locate the companies that you would like to work for by doing a search on your browser. If you’re wanting an IT job, search for all the IT companies in the geographical areas you want to work. But do not just limit yourself to IT companies! It would be a good idea to contact large companies as well because there’s a good chance that they’ve got an IT department.

Same goes for all other jobs. For example, if you’re a bookkeeper contact all the bookkeeping companies in your area but also other employers because most companies need a bookkeeper these days.

2. Send in your Resume and Cover Letter

Once you find the companies, go to their website and see if they have a Careers Page. If so, ascertain who the contact person is and send them your resume and a Cover Letter. See How to Write a Great Resume. If there’s no Careers Page don’t worry. Just ring them and ask who the relevant person is.

3. Make a follow up call

Once you send your resume and cover letter, wait a few days before making a phone call. The purpose of this call is to introduce yourself, make a positive impression and ask for an interview, but don’t be pushy.


In order for this strategy to yield results you need to contact more than a handful of employers. Contacting 4 to 5 employers is not enough. The more employers you contact the higher the chance of finding a job. As a minimum we think you should contact 40 employers.

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