May 1, 2017

Office recruitment and keeping your high performers

Office recruitment and keeping your high performers on board takes planning and activity. Today’s office recruitment rivalry sees intense competition for good employees as well as for good employers. So you need to offer an attractive package.Office recruitment

As an SME you will never be able to offer large corporate incentives like yoga classes and on-site laundry cleaning. And don’t even consider trying to compete with the big players?

It’s daunting, but it isn’t an impossible task to offer incentives that attract and retain staff – you just need to show that you are genuinely committed to keeping your workers happy.

Here are three of the best benefits to offer, possible for almost any company involved in office recruitment.

  1. Office recruitment – Flexible schedules

Don’t be that clock watcher boss who drills down on an employee who spends 10 minutes more time away from their desk than their allotted one-hour lunch break. For today’s employees, being respected and treated like adults is essential.

Remember that it’s all about trust, and giving your employees flexibility in how they work is a sure sign of your trust in them. Lay out the rules of the land and lead by example.

  1. Office recruitment – Personal development

Most workers want a sense of independence and purpose in their work, but they also want feel good, and you can give them chances to master their chosen career path by giving them plenty of professional development opportunities.

On-going learning is becoming a larger part of the modern workplace.

  1. Office recruitment – Employee health & wellbeing programs

What initiatives could you introduce to support your workers’ health and wellbeing? Perhaps you could offer fresh fruit in the lunchroom or have healthy lunch options delivered to them every day?

Whatever you do doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but it’ll send a hugely positive message about how much you care about your workers as people.

Retaining great staff through planned office recruitment is a skill. The experienced consultants at The Recruitment Alternative can help you get the best employees for your growing team.  Office recruitment, Trades, Hospitality? The Recruitment Alternative have a wide range of specialist covering all the generalist areas of recruitment.

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