November 8, 2016

SME Recruitment Agencies

SME recruitment agencies like The Recruitment Alternative are a cost effective option for finding the right employee. Some say that agencies are just putting an ad online and fishing like the rest of us?SME recruitment

It’s a common misunderstanding that recruitment is just a case of putting an advert online or listing on a job board and hoping for a wave of applications. And, there was a time when this wasn’t far off the truth. But the work/skills shortages we keep being reminded of are actually quite real. SMR recruitment agencies have to be focused on the businesses that they are working for. A lot of the time employees of an SME have to multitask and wear more than one hat. The Recruitment Alternative have industry specialists who are trained to know the market, the candidate pool and the signs of a great potential employee.

With the increase in competition and a high number of available job boards, means you can advertise for as little as $280 online. But there are so many, which one should you choose? So, if you’re confused, just think how candidates feel! Don’t worry – It can still work. That ‘star’ candidate can sometimes hit your inbox, but shouldn’t sourcing always be about finding the best person for the job and not just the best person who happens to apply?

What next?

That’s where The Recruitment Alternative comes in. We have experienced Recruitment Consultants ready to source and match the best candidate for your job brief.

Some small business owners refuse to use recruitment agencies because of bad experiences – either as employers or candidates and we can empathise with this. Our advice is simple: Be selective.

Just like buying a new house or car, diligence is the key. Don’t be ‘sold to’, or dazzled by false promises. So, try to select a partner which fits your brand and that you can trust.

SME recruitment

The Recruitment Alternative is here to partner for the long term, through the good and the bad. We want to help you grow your business by delivering the very best talent the market has to offer.  Check out our testimonial page. We have new and old clients giving us praise every month on how well we have worked for them.

Our SME recruitment consultants will leave no stone unturned to find the perfect match. If they are out there we will be doing everything we can to source them.  Rest assured that even when we are unsuccessful is won’t be through lack of trying. However, we will always keep you informed of the progress.

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