How To Effectively Work With An Employment Agency

So you have decided to engage the services of an employment agency, what’s next? To get the most effective outcome, here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative: Be Prepared Whatever position you are recruiting for, be prepared with all the correct information before speaking with an employment agency. Information such as position title, salary […]

Melbourne’s Affordable Employment Agency

The Recruitment Alternative is Melbourne’s affordable employment agency. We recruit across all job categories at a fraction of existing prices. Join the SME recruitment solution and save a bucket load on your next recruitment campaign. Why choose The Recruitment Alternative in Melbourne? We can save you time, hassle and stress – Recruiting staff can be incredibly time-consuming […]

Effective Recruitment for SME’s.

Effective Recruitment for SME’s.  Attract, recruit and retain happy quality staff? Times are changing and trends shift, leaving behind a line of confused, busy employers just trying to stay in the game. Effective Recruitment for an SME can be daunting as it is exciting. While good talent is everywhere, experienced potential candidates are pushing their […]

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