February 22, 2017

Tips to having happy staff

Happy staff can be achieved in these follow simple few steps. Creating a team of happy minions may be just a pipe dream. Shaping your current troop into a team of satisfied employees can prove to be a lot simpler and worthwhile than you might have thought. Do you have happy staff ?  happy staff

Studies have proven that happy workers are productive workers and though we can all hardly take the Google approach of a free café and slides between floors, there are a few simple steps you can do to put smiles back onto the office.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Money might make the world go round, but it appears there’s no relation between having money and happiness when it comes to your average worker. Though a healthy pay package may be an incentive, to begin with, the motivation of money soon wears off .

Employees aren’t senseless drones. Basic needs must be met. Trust, stability, and respect are all elements around which your business should be built. These are the traits that foster happy staff.

Happy staff through Transparency

Being transparent is more likely to result in a content labor force.  Staff like to be kept in the loop and suspecting that decisions are being made behind closed doors is a sure fire way to create an atmosphere of disillusionment and distrust. This isn’t to say that the new temp needs access to the company accounts, but it does mean that employers should create a culture of open communication where both management and staff can discuss concerns. This can take place in the office or over coffee.

Encourage Ownership

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you hand the company over to your employees. But staff need to feel they are an important part of their workplace. A lack of ownership can foster a lack of responsibility. If workers don’t feel attached to what they’re doing, why would they do it effectively?

Your employees need to feel like they own the place. So one way that this can be achieved is by encouraging role rotation and ensuring that everyone has an input on the bigger picture.

Recognise and Reward

Rewarding good work will encourage happy staff. Staff who go above and beyond need to know that their efforts have been noticed and appreciated. So giving staff the impression that their contribution isn’t valued will only produce unenthused clock watchers with little incentive or motivation to maintain high standards. As already discussed, however, money isn’t everything and praising a hardworking employee in a one on one discussion might do more for extending the longevity of their good work than loosening the company purse strings.

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