July 17, 2016

Australia’s award winning and budget recruitment agency – Currently recruiting Sales staff.

Australia’s award winning and budget recruitment agency.Recruitment

Currently recruiting Sales staff – See our Job Board.

The Recruitment Alternative recruit everything from new graduates to high-end senior management roles.

The Recruitment Alternative have recruitment professionals on staff who understand the industry and who also understand the Sales recruitment landscape.

If you’re a BDM Sales Manager or a graduate wanting to build your career it is vital that you stay abreast of all the developments in order to maximise your chances of remaining competitive in the job market. You will find that employers and recruitment agencies are always looking for key sales people who are up to date with their skills and who can demonstrate how they can add value. Once you have secured the interview it’s now time to plan to secure the job.

With any job interview, first impressions are crucial. Before the interview makes sure you research the prospective employer and understand the nature of their business. Do a Google search to find out who their customers are, how and when the company was established and other relevant statistics. Prepare the weekend before your interview by planning your journey to the company. If necessary, do a practise run to get there on time.

Our top 10 tips for interviews:

  • Make sure you arrive on time
  • Always dress appropriately for an interview
  • Know your abilities. What programs have you worked with? Know your previous KPI’s.
  • Do you know what your weaknesses are? Have something ready to discuss if they are this question.
  • Smile and give eye contact. Learn to smile with your tone of voice
  • Remember an interview is an opportunity for you to decide whether the company is right for you as much as it is the other way around. Have some questions ready to ask them.
  • Thank the interviewer/s for their time and shake their hand.
  • Listen and ensure you’re answering the question they have asked!
  • Don’t interrupt or talk over the interviewers and make sure you tell them that you are interested in the job.
  • Before you leave… Ask about the next stage of the interview process.

Good luck!

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