June 5, 2017

Hire for culture not skillset! Part two

Hire for culture not skillset and go to The Recruitment Alternative affordable recruitment services. We have experienced consultants ready to take away the risk of a bad hire.

The Recruitment Alternative always starts each campaign with a complete in-depth job brief. This captures not only the role but the culture of your organisation. We aim to make the best placement the first time and if they don’t work out we offer a three-month replacement guarantee.

Hire for culture not skillset – Do you understand the culture of your organisation?

You need to make sure you can articulate the culture of the company. You should be able to write down a set of values, attitudes, ethics, and beliefs.

If you can’t write them down, you need to define them. This is the only way of finding hires who are a good fit. The Recruitment Alternative consultants can focus your campaign on role and culture to get the right fit. Our low-costs recruitment solutions are affordable in price and affordable in time.

To get you started, try getting your organisation to answer these questions:

  • How does your organisation learn?
  • Is it formal or relaxed?
  • What are your values?
  • How do you get creative?
  • What are your habits?
  • Is there diversity in the workplace?
  • What’s the male to female ratio?
  • Does the management structure reflect the rest of the business?


Attitude reveals itself through conversation and body language

When you’re thinking about who’d be a good hire, focus on body language, how candidates use language, and trust your gut.

When you ask questions that require a scenario do they reply with a concrete situation or are they being hypothetical?

You want someone who is using the past tense for example. If candidates are providing you with solid stories about how they acted in the past, it is a good indicator that they are being honest. This can help you to identify who’s legit and who’s bluffing their way through.

How do they learn? Find out whether their learning style fits with the methods that your organisation uses. If your organisation doesn’t have a professional development program in place, and they are looking for further training and advancement are they going to stick around long term? Probably not.

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