March 27, 2023

Giving Valuable Constructive Feedback To Employees

Giving valuable feedback is vital to help your employees understand how they are performing in a constructive way and to better understand what is expected of them. Feedback on an ongoing basis, outside of performance reviews, can help enhance the accomplishments of your team. It can be difficult to find the best approach to constructive feedback. So, here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative – Australia and New Zealand’s affordable recruitment agency

Discuss The Situation, Not The Individual

Constructive feedback should be outcomes focused with impartial observations only. It should not be about the employee’s personal attributes. By discussing the situation itself, you are focusing on resolving the problem at hand and not criticising the employee’s own personality.

Being Specific During Constructive Feedback

An important part of constructive feedback is explaining why you are raising the matter with them. Clearly identify the action or event and how it’s impacting the business and or others. Your employee might not have all the background information or context on the issue. It will be easier for your employee to take action if your feedback is as specific as possible.

Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

It is key to acknowledge the positives among the negatives in order to reassure them that your perspective hasn’t changed. For example, ‘Your sales are up by 10%, which is great work – well done. Some customers have mentioned that at times you are slow to return phone calls and emails…’ This shows your employee that you’re not criticising their overall performance, just certain aspects that need attention.

Remember To Listen

A part of giving feedback is to allow your employee the opportunity to respond. Feedback meetings should always be conversational and open, which displays you are prepared to listen. Employees may also offer ideas to become a part of finding a solution to the current problem. This increases the likelihood of immediate action and ongoing change.

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