October 2, 2018

Tips for recruiting in a candidate driven market

There are always ebbs and flows in the labour market. As an employer, there are times when there are no shortage of candidates to choose from to fill a vacancy. There are, however, times when there are more jobs than candidates. During these times, candidates are in a solid position to seek an increase in salary as well as negotiate other benefits, which often sees them taking a job with one of your competitors.

Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative to assist you when recruiting in a candidate driven market.


With candidates having an abundance of jobs to choose from, they are often interviewing for more than one role at a time. If you interview a candidate and deem them suitable for the role you are looking to fill, it’s advisable to move quickly. Decide whether you would like to offer them the position or continue with the recruitment process. Candidates are often offered a role upon the conclusion of an interview. You do not want to risk losing them to the competition because you have been too busy to get back to them.


When there are more roles available than people looking for work, you may need to consider being flexible with your offerings. Be prepared to possibly increase the salary on offer. If a candidate is interviewing for a number of positions, employers may offer an increased salary and benefits to secure them. You may also need to be flexible with the years of experience or education levels of the candidates.


Take the stress out of finding talent for your business and engage in the services of a Recruitment Agency. It’s important to note that while a Recruitment Consultant will do all the groundwork in sourcing potential candidates, you will still need to be flexible and move quickly in order to secure the best person for the role and for your organization.

The Recruitment Alternative exists to provide low cost recruitment excellence that is a budget option for employers. The Recruitment Alternative provide services across Australia and New Zealand. As a generalist recruitment agency, we offer affordable recruitment solutions at a low-cost price point that makes sense. If you would like to find out more about our services contact us today on 1300 548 546.

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