January 31, 2023

How Can Small Business Attract & Retain Staff?

A high staff turnover can cost small business owners thousands of dollars, not to mention negatively impacting your brand. How can your small business attract and retain top talent?  Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative – Australia & New Zealand’s affordable recruitment agency:

1. Fine Tune Your Hiring Processes

It all starts at the job ad writing stage. If you have a great job description and a clear PD, you’ll set the right tone from the get-go and only attract those who match the requirements in the job ad. A job description is more than just a simple list of employee responsibilities and it is often one of the first impressions a potential candidate has of your business.

In addition to the above, have a structured interview and offer stage. If you’re unsure and have too many steps in the interview process, job seekers are likely to jump ship to the competition down the road who has this process down pat.

2. Competitive Salary

When it comes to salary range, there are so many factors that can impact how much you should budget for when recruiting. Such as:

  • How long has the candidate worked in the industry?
  • Do they have any formal qualifications or certifications?
  • Have they mentioned any major achievements?
  • Is there a high skill demand?

If you have a tight budget with not a lot of wriggle room, there are other things you can offer to help attract top talent and stay competitive. This may include having an RDO per month, a fuel card, a hybrid work environment, etc. Employee benefits are a great way to improve your employees’ health, well-being, job satisfaction and productivity.

For a salary guide, view Indeed’s calculator by clicking here.

3. Offer Professional Growth Opportunities

Training and upskilling opportunities are always rated very highly when it comes to employee satisfaction. Offering professional growth not only helps retain staff by keeping them engaged, but it also offers your business new opportunities as their skill sets expand. No one wants to feel like they are stuck, and this is an excellent opportunity to attract top talent. Be sure to highlight this during your recruitment process.

4. Your Small Business Company Culture

Having a positive work environment starts with solid leadership. Your managers should be trained to motivate and inspire their teams and promote company values. All business owners should have a culture of collaboration and respect. You want your employees to feel comfortable and be able to share ideas openly.

Showing appreciation is one of the simplest but most effective ways to retain employees. This is an obvious one but can often get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace. Take the time to let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work.

We understand that as a small business owner, you may not have the time to recruit or the budget. If you are looking to recruit top talent at an affordable price, contact The Recruitment Alternative today at 1300 548 546 or via our contact us page. We will be able to work with you to achieve your recruitment goals and find a suitable candidate for your small business at a low-cost price.

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