How Can Small Business Attract & Retain Staff?

A high staff turnover can cost small business owners thousands of dollars, not to mention negatively impacting your brand. How can your small business attract and retain top talent?  Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative – Australia & New Zealand’s affordable recruitment agency: 1. Fine Tune Your Hiring Processes It all starts at […]

Interview Tips for Employers

Feeling unsure of what to ask when interviewing candidates? Being able to maximise your time and keep within an affordable budget is vital for any small to medium size business when it comes to recruitment. Here are some interview tips from The Recruitment Alternative – Australia’s affordable recruitment agency: Prepare Questions Prior to the Interview […]

How Small Businesses Find BIG Talent

Large businesses often offer candidates the big brand name, several bonuses and benefits aligning with a large pay package. So, how can small businesses compete with the top guns and recruit the best possible talent? Fortunately, it is quite easy because there are many candidates looking to work in smaller companies. For example, smaller businesses […]

3 tips on hiring staff in a hurry!

As an employer there may come a time when you are in need of hiring staff in a hurry! Whether it’s due to company growth, restructure or an unexpected resignation, it can be stressful and overwhelming.  Here are some handy tips from The Recruitment Alternative to assist you when hiring staff: Get clear: Getting clear […]

Low Cost Recruitment Solutions for SME’s – Sales

Our low-cost recruitment solutions are working for many SME’s across Australia. Join the recruitment revolution and save thousands of dollars on your next recruitment campaign.  The Recruitment Alternative is Australias low-cost recruitment agency. We recruit in the vast majority of job categories at a fraction of existing prices.  Why pay more? Finding a great Sales […]

Effective Recruitment – Low-cost Recruitment Solutions

Effective Recruitment- Don’t hire a lemon  Effective recruitment tips. The Recruitment Alternative can help take the stress out of hiring the right staff. So if you’d like some help we can identify and attract great candidates. Furthermore, we will pick the most suitable candidates for you to interview. Addressing three important aspects of the recruitment process […]

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